VR TV is here. You're on the screen

l reality),
I believe the moment no more popular technology,
you just hear the ears heard,
but also do not know what VR looks like? Feeling distance,
life is far away? Nonono,
now you can witness VR the magic here this afternoon,
the body TV super TV 2 conference held in Beijing,
the Jingdong appliance exclusive sale application of VR hot VR TV - Super TV 2-VR TV X storm version of x-men! The storm TV CEO Liu Yaoping and the Jingdong of home appliances division president Yan Xiaobing announced an exclusive channel cooperation with VR,
the layout of the whole industry chain China large VR content repository storm TV computing platform based on VR,
create a VR-TVOS system,
TV and VR will be the first significant interconnection.
Not only has 4K big screen panorama,
head show immersive,