Union Zhang Yu on women's health question and answer

Zhang Yu is presenting the second issue of women's health.
Patients: ectopic pregnancy,
open surgery,
how long after pregnancy,
need to pay attention to what? Ectopic pregnancy surgery performed in April 10th,
a cesarean section,
has been 4 years old.
Zhang Yu: ectopic pregnancy after surgery should be at what time,
postoperative follow-up examination,
by your surgeon according to your personal situation,
formulate plans for pregnant for you.
Generally speaking,
if it is only a simple surgical treatment,
whether it is to retain the fallopian tube fenestration,
embryo surgery,
or the removal of fallopian tube surgery,
3 months after the surgery,
the body recovered well,
you can consider getting pregnant again.
Some patients may assist in surgery or drug treatment,
conservative surgery