3 minutes, memories of 30 childhood games to our lost youth

4 youth day,
and there is a picture on the social media.
According to the state regulations,
14 to 28 years old should be put off for half a day today! It must be said that this span is indeed a bit large.
If the age of the whole age is considered,
the young people from 1988 to 2002 should enjoy the treatment.
the country divided itself into 00 generations,
and it was a bit of a thrill! Although the country let us go on holiday,
but I believe that most 90 years young refuse to the young people's welfare,
if you look at the top of the film,
unable to restrain the emotions say the majority of the name of the game,
you can only congratulate you,
exposure age slightly.
The above video is the opening video of the Giant ant for the FITC 2016 technology conference,
with the theme LE