Zidane, Real Madrid will fail in the final

drid prior to Manchester City,
Zidane attended the press conference,
the French said,
if the team failed to qualify for the Champions League final,
that is a failure,
but he also gave Real Madrid fans 14th,
said C Lo can play.
Speaking of the player's physical condition,
Zidane discloses: C Luo has reached 100% now,
he can play tomorrow.
Benzema and Casey Milo are different.
Benzema is close.
We don't want to take risks.
Casey Milo wasn't hurt,
but he got a little edema.
We don't want to risk it,
We have plenty of hands and other players can play.
If play,
C Luo will not old injury recurrence? Zidane explained: no,
he is in good shape now.
He has reached 100 percent in training.
The situation in the match should be watched.
C why can Luo recover within 2 days? It's been a