The iPhone7 component is illuminated and the 35mm headphone hole remains

there have been rumors that iPhone 7 will abandon the 3.
5mm headphone hole,
and the use of lightning interface for audio transmission,
the latest leaked iPhone 7 component photos are inconsistent with it,
it is quite confused.
The iPhone 7 component exposes an alleged component of the iPhone 7 and compares it to the same part of the iPhone 6s.
Spy photos show,
the component contains a cellular data antenna,
Lightning interface,
the left also was a separate white headset interface,
the 3.
5mm headset hole still exists,
although the whole looks like 6S parts have a lot of changes.
It is said that the component is 4.
7 inches iPhone 7 all,
do not know whether the 5.
5 inch version of iPhone 7 will have this change?.
at present,
we can not confirm the authenticity of the infor