TA for love, but also for marriage?

itle: when dating,
how to determine whether this person is suitable for marriage? Text / a girl,
she and I have a good relationship with the newlywed,
chat with me every time I,
always complaining about her husband's failings,
I always complain about her husband and all the family is not good.
They were dating for more than a year,
did not go into the marriage hall,
young lovers,
but seemingly happy marriage,
turned into a bitch.
I asked her,
what were you talking about before you got married? She said: before marriage is love,
3-5 times a week dating,
eating out together,
watching movies,
and had a lot of fun,
I feel quite right ah.
I asked her,
but what happened later? She said,
then we went to see our parents.
Both parents were satisfied.