Skills, circle of friends every day, do not understand this function, do not say you will play WeChat

Andy vacation took a lot of photos,
want to pick some send to circle of friends! However,
as his repeated pictures were taken a lot,
he could not see which one to choose in the small window of the circle of friends! Andy: there are so many pictures and so small,
look at a ghost! Leo: at first glance,
you're not the one who often uses WeChat! Leo: now the iPhone album adds the direct share to the WeChat portal! You can slowly find the right photos from the album and send them! Enter the album,
choose a picture,
click the lower left corner of the share button,
you can see to share with WeChat! If you can't find this button,
select more and switch the WeChat on.
After clicking the button,
the effect is this! It can also be added directly to WeChat's collection or sent to a friend! Safari brow