Let the things we love fill the gaps in our lives

of green can listen to audio - - - anchor Feng Xiaoxue read the | and Mei Niang one day,
the last class bell rang,
a university professor came into the classroom with a bucket and a bag of heavy lifting.
The class they are staring at the professor in perfect silence,
the thing in the hand,
he did not know what to do.
The professor stood on the podium,
pointing to the hands of the iron and Stone said: you want to step into society after graduation,
before parting,
I did the last experiment for you,
hope you can from this experiment I read in your message.
The beginning of the experiment,
we are all eyes staring at the professor,
he saw a big stone into the bucket.
When no longer fit a stone bucket,
the professor stopped and asked us: iron was full? No!! Student chorus.
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