I told my father the short story of the day I wanted him to kill himself

nt me to kill myself? My father asked me,
the thick metal thing in his fat hands - a loaded pistol.
I know.
It's been loaded all the time.
The | Jennifer Fliss compiler source narratively 1 to | cattle | I anxiously stand in downtown Seattle court,
frequent groan,
but still insist on the obligations of citizenship jury.
I am 32 years old,
and have been selected as jurors for two times,
but none of them have been questioned.
The case was a high-profile shooting of a gang,
and every candidate was asked questions when the court screened jurors.
I was already very nervous.
Just hear the words shot,
my whole body began to tremble,
eyes unconsciously at the exit.
The judge asked the greeting and asked the jurors,
do you have any strong feelings about guns? Yes,
everyone should h