e a face ten difficulty choice question,
which of the following is Tammy Chen's answer.
Tammy Chen features a big change,
there is no one like her Tammy Chen is Jay Chou's debut for the filming of tornado MV Tammy Chen looks sweet,
has its own charm formally entered the entertainment circle,
Tammy Chen played the mother of the idol play Lavender rolling thunder Lavender was also touched many people.
By the way,
Joe Chen was in the drama played oh Tammy Chen features of soy sauce is not fine,
but still have to take a piece of recognition after participating in  and Roger Kwok is the best in all the land,
the mole mouth to let her a pair of quarrelsome lovers a gentle girl next door,
eyes are small,
but the eyes are the play is now watching this drama,
line-up is too strong,