Between Cangshan and Erhai, don't miss the sunrise house and the rest of the day

o be able to build a satisfactory house,
in early 2013,
a group of architects with the same dream decided to do it yourself once.
For others,
say go,
go trip,
to them here,
has become to cover the house built.
For two years,
the house,
which had slowed down time,
grew up next to Erhai.
Editor | Allison facing the sea,
this is a coveted Dali beauty for visitors here first and most pure impression.
The house is located in the Qing Dynasty,
slowly embrace this peaceful land,
between Dali city and Shimonoseki,
Erhai minimum villages Jia Peng village,
sitting on the vast Hercynian wetland,
more all the most beautiful the sea on the west section of the natural scenery,
no matter what the season will be Erhai colorful and beautiful panoramic view.
The whole village is quiet a