Skills, circle of friends every day, do not understand this function, do not say you will play WeChat

Andy vacation took a lot of photos,
want to pick some send to circle of friends! However,
as his repeated pictures were taken a lot,
he could not see which one to choose in the small window of the circle of friends! Andy: there are so many pictures and so small,
look at a ghost! Leo: at first glance,
you're not the one who often uses WeChat! Leo: now the iPhone album adds the direct share to the WeChat portal! You can slowly find the right photos from the album and send them! Enter the album,
choose a picture,
click the lower left corner of the share button,
you can see to share with WeChat! If you can't find this button,
select more and switch the WeChat on.
After clicking the button,
the effect is this! It can also be added directly to WeChat's collection or sent to a friend! Safari brow

Let the things we love fill the gaps in our lives

of green can listen to audio - - - anchor Feng Xiaoxue read the | and Mei Niang one day,
the last class bell rang,
a university professor came into the classroom with a bucket and a bag of heavy lifting.
The class they are staring at the professor in perfect silence,
the thing in the hand,
he did not know what to do.
The professor stood on the podium,
pointing to the hands of the iron and Stone said: you want to step into society after graduation,
before parting,
I did the last experiment for you,
hope you can from this experiment I read in your message.
The beginning of the experiment,
we are all eyes staring at the professor,
he saw a big stone into the bucket.
When no longer fit a stone bucket,
the professor stopped and asked us: iron was full? No!! Student chorus.
you've h

Wang Shi works with people who are well behaved

llion state power network Wang Shi: a company was founded in the beginning,
with whom the play and playing after which people can continue to play together with you,
the people,
is undoubtedly a great challenge to myself.
The failure of many people,
many things can not continue,
the reasons are in fact people,
regardless of a country,
a nation,
an enterprise,
or a person,
when you want to have success,
with what kind of person do something together is very important,
so we must understand the rules and the people together.
Some people just love to get,
but not willing to sacrifice,
ever when you only know how to get and nothing at the same time,
the number you get will continue to decrease,
when people put their limitations in the self circle,
your choices will become smaller and small

How do you pretend you know the symphony?

still have what makes people believe that jazz to maintain sufficient vitality,
not only in the stagnation to repeat the previous words on 1969,
it was founded in Germany in Munich ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) which will undoubtedly be called vital force.
For many people,
this is called Contemporary Music Arts company even represents far more signs shown more rich content,
different styles of the album through recording and One principle runs through it all.
with a minimalist design envelope Nordic cold,
and this is the one and only together constitute the ECM aesthetics.
So someone would say half jokingly that you can quickly identify an ECM product,
whether by ear or eye.
Perhaps all this is due to a classical graduate who has a passion for jazz.
Manfred Eicherz to EC

TA for love, but also for marriage?

itle: when dating,
how to determine whether this person is suitable for marriage? Text / a girl,
she and I have a good relationship with the newlywed,
chat with me every time I,
always complaining about her husband's failings,
I always complain about her husband and all the family is not good.
They were dating for more than a year,
did not go into the marriage hall,
young lovers,
but seemingly happy marriage,
turned into a bitch.
I asked her,
what were you talking about before you got married? She said: before marriage is love,
3-5 times a week dating,
eating out together,
watching movies,
and had a lot of fun,
I feel quite right ah.
I asked her,
but what happened later? She said,
then we went to see our parents.
Both parents were satisfied.

The iPhone7 component is illuminated and the 35mm headphone hole remains

there have been rumors that iPhone 7 will abandon the 3.
5mm headphone hole,
and the use of lightning interface for audio transmission,
the latest leaked iPhone 7 component photos are inconsistent with it,
it is quite confused.
The iPhone 7 component exposes an alleged component of the iPhone 7 and compares it to the same part of the iPhone 6s.
Spy photos show,
the component contains a cellular data antenna,
Lightning interface,
the left also was a separate white headset interface,
the 3.
5mm headset hole still exists,
although the whole looks like 6S parts have a lot of changes.
It is said that the component is 4.
7 inches iPhone 7 all,
do not know whether the 5.
5 inch version of iPhone 7 will have this change?.
at present,
we can not confirm the authenticity of the infor

Between Cangshan and Erhai, don't miss the sunrise house and the rest of the day

o be able to build a satisfactory house,
in early 2013,
a group of architects with the same dream decided to do it yourself once.
For others,
say go,
go trip,
to them here,
has become to cover the house built.
For two years,
the house,
which had slowed down time,
grew up next to Erhai.
Editor | Allison facing the sea,
this is a coveted Dali beauty for visitors here first and most pure impression.
The house is located in the Qing Dynasty,
slowly embrace this peaceful land,
between Dali city and Shimonoseki,
Erhai minimum villages Jia Peng village,
sitting on the vast Hercynian wetland,
more all the most beautiful the sea on the west section of the natural scenery,
no matter what the season will be Erhai colorful and beautiful panoramic view.
The whole village is quiet a

I told my father the short story of the day I wanted him to kill himself

nt me to kill myself? My father asked me,
the thick metal thing in his fat hands - a loaded pistol.
I know.
It's been loaded all the time.
The | Jennifer Fliss compiler source narratively 1 to | cattle | I anxiously stand in downtown Seattle court,
frequent groan,
but still insist on the obligations of citizenship jury.
I am 32 years old,
and have been selected as jurors for two times,
but none of them have been questioned.
The case was a high-profile shooting of a gang,
and every candidate was asked questions when the court screened jurors.
I was already very nervous.
Just hear the words shot,
my whole body began to tremble,
eyes unconsciously at the exit.
The judge asked the greeting and asked the jurors,
do you have any strong feelings about guns? Yes,
everyone should h

e a face ten difficulty choice question,
which of the following is Tammy Chen's answer.
Tammy Chen features a big change,
there is no one like her Tammy Chen is Jay Chou's debut for the filming of tornado MV Tammy Chen looks sweet,
has its own charm formally entered the entertainment circle,
Tammy Chen played the mother of the idol play Lavender rolling thunder Lavender was also touched many people.
By the way,
Joe Chen was in the drama played oh Tammy Chen features of soy sauce is not fine,
but still have to take a piece of recognition after participating in  and Roger Kwok is the best in all the land,
the mole mouth to let her a pair of quarrelsome lovers a gentle girl next door,
eyes are small,
but the eyes are the play is now watching this drama,
line-up is too strong,

25 year old girl with Nude Nude Yoga stunning the world

k the hand lovers arrows or WeChat search mydiyclub concern this article reprinted from the network in a 25 year old girl in the United States,
because the ins in their own popular nude yoga.
See this group of artistic sense of human body photos,
are you also feel very shocked? The original intention of her group is not to become net red,
but to make people actively look at their bodies.
After the accident,
she interviewed the media anonymously,
telling the final story.
The pictures were taken by a boyfriend at home.
No erotic,
there is art.
It's hard to believe that a girl who has such a perfect body feels inferior to her body.
She was a model,
and she was unhappy when she was trying to lose weight.
She felt that she was overdrawn.
An unhealthy diet,
an irregular lifestyle,
and a re

Zidane, Real Madrid will fail in the final

drid prior to Manchester City,
Zidane attended the press conference,
the French said,
if the team failed to qualify for the Champions League final,
that is a failure,
but he also gave Real Madrid fans 14th,
said C Lo can play.
Speaking of the player's physical condition,
Zidane discloses: C Luo has reached 100% now,
he can play tomorrow.
Benzema and Casey Milo are different.
Benzema is close.
We don't want to take risks.
Casey Milo wasn't hurt,
but he got a little edema.
We don't want to risk it,
We have plenty of hands and other players can play.
If play,
C Luo will not old injury recurrence? Zidane explained: no,
he is in good shape now.
He has reached 100 percent in training.
The situation in the match should be watched.
C why can Luo recover within 2 days? It's been a

How much does it usually cost to see a doctor in Japan?

y people all understand a truth,
don't have no money,
what don't have disease.
Once the serious illness,
only the first initial and basic treatment in the seat,
and then transferred to the municipal or provincial hospital,
and finally to Beijing,
Shanghai and other places of the top hospitals struggling to seek medical attention,
if we encounter a degree and Tianmou Department of hospital,
many families in the process of collapse.
The distribution of medical resources at home is a pyramid,
the best doctors,
the best equipment are concentrated in Beijing,
Shanghai and other big city,
coupled with information asymmetry,
many patients had to be sick doctor,
how much money can not afford to toss.
In Japan the hospital experience,
there is much difference between home and abroad,