What kind of woman do men want to spend?

eply was: Li,
Xiao Yi,
am I narrow-minded? Sister Xiao Yi,
I know a girl.
She is my colleague,
we all work abroad and live together.
The girl always has a lot of boyfriends,
the hills across the sea also did not affect her exotic fascination of the moment.
She's not pretty,
but she has a great mouth.
When I am busy with work when learning a language can be heard in her boyfriend with a phone,
each partner is the same routine,
to test the other family conditions to ask to buy their own things and came in the mail.
If you get something,
you can kiss someone in three days.
She once had a deep meaning in her eyes.
She told me,
in my life,
I won't buy anything for men,
neither do I want a pair of socks.
! However the man she can do the drama.
This routine is tested.
To tell the truth,