The thin eyebrows of a second tell you how important the tail is

person called painted eyebrows out Star,
one called can not draw makeup makeup can not lipstick but not makeup thrush.
A good eyebrow is a sharp tool for face modification.
It is a plus artifact for Yan's face,
so a suitable eyebrow for its own face and thin face must be a good eyebrow! When it comes to the eyebrow,
have to mention the Korean word eyebrow,
it with coarse and flat characteristics to the youthful,
innocent and lovely,
delicate girl,
also known as coarse Ping Mei,
indeed is a very eyebrow favorability.
But with the synophrys fire was a get out of hand,
almost swept every girl's face,
from the ordinary girl to the net to the red star,
from round to oval face,
square face,
everyone love painted with a Korean word eyebrow,
no matter how it fit,
regardless of what is goo