The poison lip of mildew is good, if you want poison, too...

e Apple Music ad dropped a big somersault,
paid attention to the mildew,
and in Apple sponsored Met Gala played a future female fighters.
All over the body metal texture,
plus a black purple lips,
the same limelight.
These poison lips female fighters are female stars change,
perhaps with Apple sponsorship,
this year's Met Gala naturally be crowned with science and technology theme.
Actress's essay writing,
but also coincidentally crash.
Metal sense + cool feeling makeup of future female warrior has become the choice of many actress shape.
Your mold is the most typical representative of Oh! Painted with black purple poison lip blonde Taylor a bright color,
especially in black and yellow with red color,
cool not close to two meters.
If at any time you pulled out from behind two gun B