Still buy mask too soil, teach you to do it yourself

day to add moisture to the skin is essential.
Most of the products available in the market mask,
in order to facilitate long-term preservation,
we must add preservatives,
and even some merchants in order to mask the results,
but also into the fluorescent agents and other harmful chemicals.
To share a few home-made mask,
safe and healthy oh.
Gently exfoliating - brown sugar,
honey mask: approach: about a spoonful of brown sugar into the mixing bowl,
pour three times the brown sugar of honey,
if your skin is fine,
you can add honey.
Mix evenly.
Leave five minutes to settle.
Directions: apply to moist face,
avoid skin around eyes and lips,
massage gently,
rinse with clean water after 5 minutes.
Do 1 times a week,
you can remove horny,
than those specifically exfoliating cosmetics more gentle