How many cities captured by the Putian Department of anger brush 10 million PV terrorist inquiry class H5 what else?

of Wei Zexi,
public opinion continued raging,
Baidu PPC advertising and the Department of Putian hospital to become universally condemned.
Human life,
Baidu and someone's hospital is not to forgive sin.
It is rare that the media have not been controlled by propaganda,
as they have for the most part in the past.
In order to promote the event they relay,
thermal expansion bellows.
Among them,
the performance of social media side is eye-catching.
Phoenix New Media launched at least 500 Putian department hospital,
captured 115 cities,
check your home? H5,
led the brush Bang circle of friends.
According to two-dimensional code recognition access H5 from the page structure and user interaction,
this work does not have a H5 complex and special novelty,
but for the first time to focus,