When you take a bath, don't rub it hard

n't just about blowing out the shower.
It's so simple.
Because of lack of common sense or making some careless little mistakes,
not only can they not be washed out,
but they may also affect their health.
Figure 1 clean,
hard rubbing cuticle,
skin surface lipid films constitute a barrier layer of the skin,
not only can protect the body from external damage,
but also can prevent nutrients in vivo especially moisture loss.
Try to use Cuozao towel rub will destroy this layer of protective film.
If washed with fingers rub skin can hear squeaking sound,
that wash over.
Recommended to wash themselves,
rather than save wash,
use soft sponge bath scrub gently,
can only use Cuozao towel in the elbows and knees,
cuticle thick parts.
take a bath before going to bed,
hot water will make the bo