[QampampA] I ask you about the Cadillac Cup tournament we have those things

ay 2nd,
we notice the Cadillac Cup tournament,
we will pull the curtain,
the registration box is filled with numerous blood man football forecast information.
(read the blue word hot,
not in France in June? ] then in Shanghai,
to participate in the Cadillac cup,
our European Championship !) Of course,
many friends also don't understand the details of this competition,
and they have sent letters and inquiries.
we use Q&amp and A to answer the core questions of this competition.
Q&amp: A Q1: what's our European Championship like? A1: our European Championship is an amateur football tournament hosted by the Shanghai Sports Bureau and the five star sports federation.
The match will be synchronized with euro 2016,
and also has 24 regular teams.
The series will be in full agreement w