If you think Putian is recommended two tours niubable hospital only you are too naive

of the Putian Gang is beyond your imagination.
The Putian hospital has become nationally famous in recent scandals.
But few people know that in Putian local,
composed of naming of Gang,
a rough estimate is five: Dongzhuang medical help,
Zhongmen timber help,
north to help jewelry,
fake Anfu uppers,
help the South gate.
the medical field is only a faction of the great forces in Putian.
An upper false let all the world's poor in the world famous brand! Yes,
you are right.
Putian people not only contract 70% of the hospitals,
but also make half of the world's fake shoes.
Footwear industry in Putian has more than 30 years of history,
producing 1 billion pairs of fake shoes every year,
every three pairs of Nike shoes in the world,
it is said that there is a high imitation shoes i