Google Microsoft e-mail account massive theft of black market transactions less than

5 news (reporter Wang Jinbao) Alex Holden and chief information officer Hold Security,
an Internet security company (Alex Holden) said,
there are about 272 million 300 thousand stolen email and website username and password is in Russia on the black market trade,
stolen account in the local Russian e-mail service Mail.
ru account,
but also includes a large number of YAHOO,
Google Microsoft service account.
Holden said that in 272 million 300 thousand a stolen account,
YAHOO's e-mail service stolen account number 40 million,
accounting for 15% of the total in stolen than independent ID; the number of Microsoft services stolen account for 33 million,
accounting for 12%; the number of Gmail services stolen account for close to 24 million,
accounting for 9%.
Microsoft spokesman also confirm