Do not look at regret, Thailand seven day tour 1650 yuan

ao Tai fun * paya pearl: tour the Chao Phraya River,
enjoy the charming night - Bangkok Oriental Venice City,
and the taste of Mei Nanxing dinner; * tropical fruit garden: the taste of fresh tropical fruit,
let your stomach; * + free Sands Island Island,
two island wins; 2,
tasty Thai * the starlight meal * sands Island seafood meal *KING POWER *86 layer BaiyokeSkyHotel Rotary International Buffet buffet 3,
Thai comfort *60 minutes of authentic Thai massage! *60 minutes of authentic Thai essential oils SPA,
Thailand enjoy * six nights local Thai five-star hotel accommodation.
Thailand rest assured: the whole process without any form of forced shopping,
to ensure health at their own expense 600 yuan / person,
so that you enjoy the whole journey! Itinerary Day1: Harbin - Shanghai - Bangko