Bad breath, yellow teeth, rough skin, three minutes

use: bad breath,
research shows that yogurt in live bacteria can inhibit the mouth caused bad breath bacteria growth.
The beneficial bacteria in yogurt can crowd out bacteria that cause halitosis and create a healthy environment for the mouth.
sugar use: burp swallow a teaspoon of dried sugar,
you can immediately stop hiccups.
Sugar has the effect of modifying the neuromuscular movement,
that is,
allowing the muscles in the diaphragm to undergo constant contractions that prevent hiccups from continuing.
But don't overdo it.
Sugar can make you addicted.
Eating too much is bad for your health.
apple use: tooth whitening,
chewing crisp fruit and vegetables,
with the same brush small role.
Their natural cleansing action removes plaque on the enamel.
In particular,
the mild malate found