[audition] 70 thousand of the budget can buy SUV5 entry-level small SUV recommended

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author Meng Yuhao,
reprinted please specify,
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In the car,
the first choice of many consumers are SUV models,
although the reason is not the same,
some for a better ride and loading space,
some in order to better ground clearance,
but finally is pointing to the SUV models.
If the budget is not high,
can I choose SUV? Before me,
but SUV models in recent years more and more low threshold,
the price is falling.
Meng Zhilai to recommend several 70 thousand or so will be able to buy SUV models,
and is very suitable for young people that the budget is not high.
Models recommended: 2016 1.
5L manual luxury manufacturers guide price: RMB 75 thousand and 900 yuan recommend reason: BYD is a just listing the popula