Why did LinkedIn create an enemy for himself in China?

hinese looks more like a startup business side of his brutal,
but also really attractive enough for most of the world-renowned Internet Co,
Chinese market is worth teasing the little girl,
but they have the right way,
can see the rapid rise of China local Internet Co,
killing himself in,
can stay out,
or a little.
Google exit,
Amazon forced by the local electricity supplier,
Facebook's vision.
These companies generally for having heard it many times as a China Internet Corporation imitate and inspirational worship of gods and demons,
but they themselves are difficult to accomplish something in the market Chinese.
Even though the Chinese mainland Internet Co lacked a pattern of innovation,
they had no no evil stick to it,
but they were more suited to the soil and water,
and the peopl

[QampampA] I ask you about the Cadillac Cup tournament we have those things

ay 2nd,
we notice the Cadillac Cup tournament,
we will pull the curtain,
the registration box is filled with numerous blood man football forecast information.
(read the blue word hot,
not in France in June? ] then in Shanghai,
to participate in the Cadillac cup,
our European Championship !) Of course,
many friends also don't understand the details of this competition,
and they have sent letters and inquiries.
we use Q&amp and A to answer the core questions of this competition.
Q&amp: A Q1: what's our European Championship like? A1: our European Championship is an amateur football tournament hosted by the Shanghai Sports Bureau and the five star sports federation.
The match will be synchronized with euro 2016,
and also has 24 regular teams.
The series will be in full agreement w

Do not look at regret, Thailand seven day tour 1650 yuan

ao Tai fun * paya pearl: tour the Chao Phraya River,
enjoy the charming night - Bangkok Oriental Venice City,
and the taste of Mei Nanxing dinner; * tropical fruit garden: the taste of fresh tropical fruit,
let your stomach; * + free Sands Island Island,
two island wins; 2,
tasty Thai * the starlight meal * sands Island seafood meal *KING POWER *86 layer BaiyokeSkyHotel Rotary International Buffet buffet 3,
Thai comfort *60 minutes of authentic Thai massage! *60 minutes of authentic Thai essential oils SPA,
Thailand enjoy * six nights local Thai five-star hotel accommodation.
Thailand rest assured: the whole process without any form of forced shopping,
to ensure health at their own expense 600 yuan / person,
so that you enjoy the whole journey! Itinerary Day1: Harbin - Shanghai - Bangko

Sign up and dream Cui cattle enterprise ampamp spectacular global innovation contest enjoy million bonus

on NTS spring May,
Cui Niu will also for the 2B field of the vast number of butter people,
brought benefits! This does not,
the global enterprise innovation contest jointly hosted by Cui in cattle shortly before and the spectacular wanglian (GIA) 2016 enterprise service special race officially kicked off.
(sign up for WeChat and address below),
it is said that participating in this competition will have the opportunity to get: 1,
the project received the attention of global capital.
2 、 rich project bonus.
This spectacular global innovation award set the highest prize bonus of  million 500 thousand,
specifications: spectacular Allianz Group network exclusive support cash bonuses; 5 million,
Sheng Jingmu fund platform award special promised bonuses: 150 million U.
to partic

Each child put love into action to mother's Day gift

the rice in the rice cooker,
vegetables in the refrigerator,
I remember eating hot.
I love.
Love to eat anything,
as long as you can buy it,
mother will do it for you.
I love you.
But I always say no.
Even if you do,
you might say,
is it short of money? Don't save too much.
It'll cost you,
Here you are.
On this mother's day,
turn the love you're ashamed of into action.
Let mommy know that I love you not because you cook well,
but because you're generous to give the best things to me,
just because you're my mother and I love you.
Details: in A4 paper to write the blessings of mother + mother I love you,
and take a picture of Slide Show Fiona Crawford green Tmall official flagship store and blessing,
five Slide Show upload a photo

What's the most angry thing about playing basketball?

opular basketball teaching platform in China's first micro basketball journal.
What is the most angry thing about hitting basketball skills and playing basketball? A very vivid answer,
brain smiling urine.
-END- graphics / skills,
WeChat and QQ/ 2638592508 have the opportunity to get a nice basketball spree

Activities 2016 China Study Forum and the twenty-first China International Education Tour Exhibition will be opened soon

International Education Tour Exhibition (CIEET) is one of the largest exhibitions in china.
Since its first exhibition in 1999,
it has successfully held 20 exhibitions in more than 30 large and medium-sized cities in the country.
More than 1300 educational institutions from more than 30 countries and regions have participated in it.
In the past 17 years,
the scale of the exhibition,
the number of exhibitors and social influence continued to grow.
At present,
CIEET has won strong support from the vast majority of embassies and consulates in China and foreign educational institutions,
and has maintained good cooperative relations with all the mainstream media in the education sector.
In particular,
during the exhibition,
the organizers will also hold China Study Abroad Forum and many speci

If you think Putian is recommended two tours niubable hospital only you are too naive

of the Putian Gang is beyond your imagination.
The Putian hospital has become nationally famous in recent scandals.
But few people know that in Putian local,
composed of naming of Gang,
a rough estimate is five: Dongzhuang medical help,
Zhongmen timber help,
north to help jewelry,
fake Anfu uppers,
help the South gate.
the medical field is only a faction of the great forces in Putian.
An upper false let all the world's poor in the world famous brand! Yes,
you are right.
Putian people not only contract 70% of the hospitals,
but also make half of the world's fake shoes.
Footwear industry in Putian has more than 30 years of history,
producing 1 billion pairs of fake shoes every year,
every three pairs of Nike shoes in the world,
it is said that there is a high imitation shoes i

When you take a bath, don't rub it hard

n't just about blowing out the shower.
It's so simple.
Because of lack of common sense or making some careless little mistakes,
not only can they not be washed out,
but they may also affect their health.
Figure 1 clean,
hard rubbing cuticle,
skin surface lipid films constitute a barrier layer of the skin,
not only can protect the body from external damage,
but also can prevent nutrients in vivo especially moisture loss.
Try to use Cuozao towel rub will destroy this layer of protective film.
If washed with fingers rub skin can hear squeaking sound,
that wash over.
Recommended to wash themselves,
rather than save wash,
use soft sponge bath scrub gently,
can only use Cuozao towel in the elbows and knees,
cuticle thick parts.
take a bath before going to bed,
hot water will make the bo

Bad breath, yellow teeth, rough skin, three minutes

use: bad breath,
research shows that yogurt in live bacteria can inhibit the mouth caused bad breath bacteria growth.
The beneficial bacteria in yogurt can crowd out bacteria that cause halitosis and create a healthy environment for the mouth.
sugar use: burp swallow a teaspoon of dried sugar,
you can immediately stop hiccups.
Sugar has the effect of modifying the neuromuscular movement,
that is,
allowing the muscles in the diaphragm to undergo constant contractions that prevent hiccups from continuing.
But don't overdo it.
Sugar can make you addicted.
Eating too much is bad for your health.
apple use: tooth whitening,
chewing crisp fruit and vegetables,
with the same brush small role.
Their natural cleansing action removes plaque on the enamel.
In particular,
the mild malate found

Google Microsoft e-mail account massive theft of black market transactions less than

5 news (reporter Wang Jinbao) Alex Holden and chief information officer Hold Security,
an Internet security company (Alex Holden) said,
there are about 272 million 300 thousand stolen email and website username and password is in Russia on the black market trade,
stolen account in the local Russian e-mail service Mail.
ru account,
but also includes a large number of YAHOO,
Google Microsoft service account.
Holden said that in 272 million 300 thousand a stolen account,
YAHOO's e-mail service stolen account number 40 million,
accounting for 15% of the total in stolen than independent ID; the number of Microsoft services stolen account for 33 million,
accounting for 12%; the number of Gmail services stolen account for close to 24 million,
accounting for 9%.
Microsoft spokesman also confirm

You cheer the grass, the fashion beauty, the whole Amway

s the ode to joy? Only a small background has been fans of the message scraper! Fan Shengmei mouth red,
for the same paragraph backpack ditty recommended.
today we have to learn to play the three makeup either soft or adorable sister queen of the gas field can be found in the hearts of love.
Faction beauty makeup,
click to read the original see enough!

No grievance work (depth:)

lic number: she is ID:tazaijianghupiao Author: dada order.
This article is authorized by the author.
The mind is grievance,
prop up big.
Living life,
destined to be a number of grievances,
in face of various grievances,
to cook,
to be detached at the same time,
it is more important to learn to transform potential energy.
a newly graduated kid asked me,
can you tell me what happened when I got into the job market? There is the transition from the campus to the professional mentality,
how to adjust? In addition,
when you start work,
the income is not high,
how to solve the problem of survival? At this moment,
I saw the circle of friends in a state of hair,
ten years later,
you look back at today's moment,
all that you have suffered,
it does not matter,
Then I

Mads Jobrani, a Iran American humor

ted States,
an immigrant from the Islamic countries in the end is how to laugh the old beauty? Let's have a look! Note: on Saturday,
anecdotal notice: deep text - war and harmony in the peninsula.
! Please look forward to it! Brain sharp: there is a kind of cloth is very long,
very wide,
very nice,
that is,
no one used it to make clothes,
it is impossible to make clothes,
why? Long press the following two-dimensional code,
click on identify the two-dimensional code,
pay attention to music fight community,
reply answer 37 you can know the answer to the question.

[audition] 70 thousand of the budget can buy SUV5 entry-level small SUV recommended

le for the car home original article,
author Meng Yuhao,
reprinted please specify,
welcome to forward to the circle of friends.
In the car,
the first choice of many consumers are SUV models,
although the reason is not the same,
some for a better ride and loading space,
some in order to better ground clearance,
but finally is pointing to the SUV models.
If the budget is not high,
can I choose SUV? Before me,
but SUV models in recent years more and more low threshold,
the price is falling.
Meng Zhilai to recommend several 70 thousand or so will be able to buy SUV models,
and is very suitable for young people that the budget is not high.
Models recommended: 2016 1.
5L manual luxury manufacturers guide price: RMB 75 thousand and 900 yuan recommend reason: BYD is a just listing the popula