3 minutes, memories of 30 childhood games to our lost youth

4 youth day,
and there is a picture on the social media.
According to the state regulations,
14 to 28 years old should be put off for half a day today! It must be said that this span is indeed a bit large.
If the age of the whole age is considered,
the young people from 1988 to 2002 should enjoy the treatment.
the country divided itself into 00 generations,
and it was a bit of a thrill! Although the country let us go on holiday,
but I believe that most 90 years young refuse to the young people's welfare,
if you look at the top of the film,
unable to restrain the emotions say the majority of the name of the game,
you can only congratulate you,
exposure age slightly.
The above video is the opening video of the Giant ant for the FITC 2016 technology conference,
with the theme LE

Female rogue special expression male gods are so be taken

gster special expression map,
quickly take to flirt with a small handsome boy ~ ~ this is called female rogue source: Network

23 lines will interpret out of context you how many years

w the true meaning of genius is 99% perspiration,
+1% inspiration? Are you there is no royal road to There is no end for learning.
suffering for the boat inspired to stay up late studying? Do you know that Confucius is against complaining by virtue? If you have been misled like a small book,
go ahead and have a long knowledge! 1,
as long as I close my eyes,
the world is not what cliff because of this sentence,
the British philosopher Bekele Chinese was used as he jokes,
as a representative of the western philosophy stupid school.
In fact,
as long as I close my eyes,
there is no cliff in the world.
But God can sense it.
at least,
is not an idiot.
there is no royal road to There is no end for learning.
suffering for the boat this sentence from Chuang-tzu's my life has

VR TV is here. You're on the screen

l reality),
I believe the moment no more popular technology,
you just hear the ears heard,
but also do not know what VR looks like? Feeling distance,
life is far away? Nonono,
now you can witness VR the magic here this afternoon,
the body TV super TV 2 conference held in Beijing,
the Jingdong appliance exclusive sale application of VR hot VR TV - Super TV 2-VR TV X storm version of x-men! The storm TV CEO Liu Yaoping and the Jingdong of home appliances division president Yan Xiaobing announced an exclusive channel cooperation with VR,
the layout of the whole industry chain China large VR content repository storm TV computing platform based on VR,
create a VR-TVOS system,
TV and VR will be the first significant interconnection.
Not only has 4K big screen panorama,
head show immersive,

Union Zhang Yu on women's health question and answer

Zhang Yu is presenting the second issue of women's health.
Patients: ectopic pregnancy,
open surgery,
how long after pregnancy,
need to pay attention to what? Ectopic pregnancy surgery performed in April 10th,
a cesarean section,
has been 4 years old.
Zhang Yu: ectopic pregnancy after surgery should be at what time,
postoperative follow-up examination,
by your surgeon according to your personal situation,
formulate plans for pregnant for you.
Generally speaking,
if it is only a simple surgical treatment,
whether it is to retain the fallopian tube fenestration,
embryo surgery,
or the removal of fallopian tube surgery,
3 months after the surgery,
the body recovered well,
you can consider getting pregnant again.
Some patients may assist in surgery or drug treatment,
conservative surgery

What would you do if a child wanted to become transgender?

you find around his son never boy playing in the play the game forever as long as when the mother,
and one day suddenly say to you: father (mother),
and I think the girls wear skirts.
What would you do? Do you really want to buy him a skirt or beat him up? In Britain,
a group of parents choose a special way of dealing with the child's gender anxiety.
In 2015,
a total of 167 British children under 10 were subjected to gender anxiety counseling under the leadership of their parents,
according to a report released by the National Institutes of Health (NHS) recently.
That's double the data from ten years ago.
The purpose of the treatment is not to treat these cognitive disorders as disordered children,
cure into so-called normal people.
psychologists engage in deep com

Skills, circle of friends every day, do not understand this function, do not say you will play WeChat

Andy vacation took a lot of photos,
want to pick some send to circle of friends! However,
as his repeated pictures were taken a lot,
he could not see which one to choose in the small window of the circle of friends! Andy: there are so many pictures and so small,
look at a ghost! Leo: at first glance,
you're not the one who often uses WeChat! Leo: now the iPhone album adds the direct share to the WeChat portal! You can slowly find the right photos from the album and send them! Enter the album,
choose a picture,
click the lower left corner of the share button,
you can see to share with WeChat! If you can't find this button,
select more and switch the WeChat on.
After clicking the button,
the effect is this! It can also be added directly to WeChat's collection or sent to a friend! Safari brow

Let the things we love fill the gaps in our lives

of green can listen to audio - - - anchor Feng Xiaoxue read the | and Mei Niang one day,
the last class bell rang,
a university professor came into the classroom with a bucket and a bag of heavy lifting.
The class they are staring at the professor in perfect silence,
the thing in the hand,
he did not know what to do.
The professor stood on the podium,
pointing to the hands of the iron and Stone said: you want to step into society after graduation,
before parting,
I did the last experiment for you,
hope you can from this experiment I read in your message.
The beginning of the experiment,
we are all eyes staring at the professor,
he saw a big stone into the bucket.
When no longer fit a stone bucket,
the professor stopped and asked us: iron was full? No!! Student chorus.
you've h

Wang Shi works with people who are well behaved

llion state power network Wang Shi: a company was founded in the beginning,
with whom the play and playing after which people can continue to play together with you,
the people,
is undoubtedly a great challenge to myself.
The failure of many people,
many things can not continue,
the reasons are in fact people,
regardless of a country,
a nation,
an enterprise,
or a person,
when you want to have success,
with what kind of person do something together is very important,
so we must understand the rules and the people together.
Some people just love to get,
but not willing to sacrifice,
ever when you only know how to get and nothing at the same time,
the number you get will continue to decrease,
when people put their limitations in the self circle,
your choices will become smaller and small

How do you pretend you know the symphony?

still have what makes people believe that jazz to maintain sufficient vitality,
not only in the stagnation to repeat the previous words on 1969,
it was founded in Germany in Munich ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) which will undoubtedly be called vital force.
For many people,
this is called Contemporary Music Arts company even represents far more signs shown more rich content,
different styles of the album through recording and One principle runs through it all.
with a minimalist design envelope Nordic cold,
and this is the one and only together constitute the ECM aesthetics.
So someone would say half jokingly that you can quickly identify an ECM product,
whether by ear or eye.
Perhaps all this is due to a classical graduate who has a passion for jazz.
Manfred Eicherz to EC

TA for love, but also for marriage?

itle: when dating,
how to determine whether this person is suitable for marriage? Text / a girl,
she and I have a good relationship with the newlywed,
chat with me every time I,
always complaining about her husband's failings,
I always complain about her husband and all the family is not good.
They were dating for more than a year,
did not go into the marriage hall,
young lovers,
but seemingly happy marriage,
turned into a bitch.
I asked her,
what were you talking about before you got married? She said: before marriage is love,
3-5 times a week dating,
eating out together,
watching movies,
and had a lot of fun,
I feel quite right ah.
I asked her,
but what happened later? She said,
then we went to see our parents.
Both parents were satisfied.

The iPhone7 component is illuminated and the 35mm headphone hole remains

there have been rumors that iPhone 7 will abandon the 3.
5mm headphone hole,
and the use of lightning interface for audio transmission,
the latest leaked iPhone 7 component photos are inconsistent with it,
it is quite confused.
The iPhone 7 component exposes an alleged component of the iPhone 7 and compares it to the same part of the iPhone 6s.
Spy photos show,
the component contains a cellular data antenna,
Lightning interface,
the left also was a separate white headset interface,
the 3.
5mm headset hole still exists,
although the whole looks like 6S parts have a lot of changes.
It is said that the component is 4.
7 inches iPhone 7 all,
do not know whether the 5.
5 inch version of iPhone 7 will have this change?.
at present,
we can not confirm the authenticity of the infor

Between Cangshan and Erhai, don't miss the sunrise house and the rest of the day

o be able to build a satisfactory house,
in early 2013,
a group of architects with the same dream decided to do it yourself once.
For others,
say go,
go trip,
to them here,
has become to cover the house built.
For two years,
the house,
which had slowed down time,
grew up next to Erhai.
Editor | Allison facing the sea,
this is a coveted Dali beauty for visitors here first and most pure impression.
The house is located in the Qing Dynasty,
slowly embrace this peaceful land,
between Dali city and Shimonoseki,
Erhai minimum villages Jia Peng village,
sitting on the vast Hercynian wetland,
more all the most beautiful the sea on the west section of the natural scenery,
no matter what the season will be Erhai colorful and beautiful panoramic view.
The whole village is quiet a

I told my father the short story of the day I wanted him to kill himself

nt me to kill myself? My father asked me,
the thick metal thing in his fat hands - a loaded pistol.
I know.
It's been loaded all the time.
The | Jennifer Fliss compiler source narratively 1 to | cattle | I anxiously stand in downtown Seattle court,
frequent groan,
but still insist on the obligations of citizenship jury.
I am 32 years old,
and have been selected as jurors for two times,
but none of them have been questioned.
The case was a high-profile shooting of a gang,
and every candidate was asked questions when the court screened jurors.
I was already very nervous.
Just hear the words shot,
my whole body began to tremble,
eyes unconsciously at the exit.
The judge asked the greeting and asked the jurors,
do you have any strong feelings about guns? Yes,
everyone should h

e a face ten difficulty choice question,
which of the following is Tammy Chen's answer.
Tammy Chen features a big change,
there is no one like her Tammy Chen is Jay Chou's debut for the filming of tornado MV Tammy Chen looks sweet,
has its own charm formally entered the entertainment circle,
Tammy Chen played the mother of the idol play Lavender rolling thunder Lavender was also touched many people.
By the way,
Joe Chen was in the drama played oh Tammy Chen features of soy sauce is not fine,
but still have to take a piece of recognition after participating in  and Roger Kwok is the best in all the land,
the mole mouth to let her a pair of quarrelsome lovers a gentle girl next door,
eyes are small,
but the eyes are the play is now watching this drama,
line-up is too strong,

25 year old girl with Nude Nude Yoga stunning the world

k the hand lovers arrows or WeChat search mydiyclub concern this article reprinted from the network in a 25 year old girl in the United States,
because the ins in their own popular nude yoga.
See this group of artistic sense of human body photos,
are you also feel very shocked? The original intention of her group is not to become net red,
but to make people actively look at their bodies.
After the accident,
she interviewed the media anonymously,
telling the final story.
The pictures were taken by a boyfriend at home.
No erotic,
there is art.
It's hard to believe that a girl who has such a perfect body feels inferior to her body.
She was a model,
and she was unhappy when she was trying to lose weight.
She felt that she was overdrawn.
An unhealthy diet,
an irregular lifestyle,
and a re

Zidane, Real Madrid will fail in the final

drid prior to Manchester City,
Zidane attended the press conference,
the French said,
if the team failed to qualify for the Champions League final,
that is a failure,
but he also gave Real Madrid fans 14th,
said C Lo can play.
Speaking of the player's physical condition,
Zidane discloses: C Luo has reached 100% now,
he can play tomorrow.
Benzema and Casey Milo are different.
Benzema is close.
We don't want to take risks.
Casey Milo wasn't hurt,
but he got a little edema.
We don't want to risk it,
We have plenty of hands and other players can play.
If play,
C Luo will not old injury recurrence? Zidane explained: no,
he is in good shape now.
He has reached 100 percent in training.
The situation in the match should be watched.
C why can Luo recover within 2 days? It's been a

How much does it usually cost to see a doctor in Japan?

y people all understand a truth,
don't have no money,
what don't have disease.
Once the serious illness,
only the first initial and basic treatment in the seat,
and then transferred to the municipal or provincial hospital,
and finally to Beijing,
Shanghai and other places of the top hospitals struggling to seek medical attention,
if we encounter a degree and Tianmou Department of hospital,
many families in the process of collapse.
The distribution of medical resources at home is a pyramid,
the best doctors,
the best equipment are concentrated in Beijing,
Shanghai and other big city,
coupled with information asymmetry,
many patients had to be sick doctor,
how much money can not afford to toss.
In Japan the hospital experience,
there is much difference between home and abroad,

What level of light bulb are you?

lb: standing next to the awkward high light bulb: leading conversation content,
master light bulb: standing between lovers,
King bulb: and base friends show affection

Witness a mango that flies, hits, sings, and transforms

side kicks,
serial kicks,
kicks and kicks.
This summer,
mango TV really want to kick V,
oh! May 5th,
flowers young full Mango TV summer and summer new conference hit,
leading the kick V new trend,
more fresh hot content,
please look forward to!

Four stages, 12 steps, you can also achieve efficient speech

/ workplace] speech is a wonderful thing.
We need speeches in our lives.
It is almost everywhere in the business world.
It is the basis of debate and discussion,
an important part of the process of strategic planning,
and a key link in business communication.
So how can you deliver your speech effectively? Ed Gruwez,
managing director of Ogilvy,
in his new book,
efficient speech,
concludes that the four stage,
12 steps,
might be a good way to help you! The four stage TLSM method stage 1: thinking back to see the overall situation.
Find a quiet place and take the time to think about what points your speech has.
Why do the audience want to listen to you? What do you want to accomplish? How do you achieve your goal? Stage two: logic,
before you begin to develop a story,
first of all,
you m

The thin eyebrows of a second tell you how important the tail is

person called painted eyebrows out Star,
one called can not draw makeup makeup can not lipstick but not makeup thrush.
A good eyebrow is a sharp tool for face modification.
It is a plus artifact for Yan's face,
so a suitable eyebrow for its own face and thin face must be a good eyebrow! When it comes to the eyebrow,
have to mention the Korean word eyebrow,
it with coarse and flat characteristics to the youthful,
innocent and lovely,
delicate girl,
also known as coarse Ping Mei,
indeed is a very eyebrow favorability.
But with the synophrys fire was a get out of hand,
almost swept every girl's face,
from the ordinary girl to the net to the red star,
from round to oval face,
square face,
everyone love painted with a Korean word eyebrow,
no matter how it fit,
regardless of what is goo

I want to break up with my boyfriend

e user experience online today.
A sudden rise is not the evil big mushroom in this single Wang's boyfriend is straight to help pick clothes but look at them not happy ah ~ (high EQ people have found something wrong.
To highlight the original bacteria Tucao,
the Lord has low po said to break up.
They have a lot of boyfriend ~ ~ not following this example straight gas original po said he is fried chicken s B and this,
??? Dust cover?? The original Po Master said,
not as sexy underwear.
The original Po owners refused to accept your clothes,
and call you idiot sorry,
I was laughing.
The game is to pass through the finishing Raiders give you reluctantly Tucao bacteria let you get through this game 1 ~ - = = solitary deer: he said this is the life I want to give my clothes he grew old an

Still buy mask too soil, teach you to do it yourself

day to add moisture to the skin is essential.
Most of the products available in the market mask,
in order to facilitate long-term preservation,
we must add preservatives,
and even some merchants in order to mask the results,
but also into the fluorescent agents and other harmful chemicals.
To share a few home-made mask,
safe and healthy oh.
Gently exfoliating - brown sugar,
honey mask: approach: about a spoonful of brown sugar into the mixing bowl,
pour three times the brown sugar of honey,
if your skin is fine,
you can add honey.
Mix evenly.
Leave five minutes to settle.
Directions: apply to moist face,
avoid skin around eyes and lips,
massage gently,
rinse with clean water after 5 minutes.
Do 1 times a week,
you can remove horny,
than those specifically exfoliating cosmetics more gentle

How can I remedy these problems when I study abroad?

plans to study in Japan,
but I do not know how to implement Want to know about school conditions and living conditions,
but the information is blocked? Can you adapt to heavy schoolwork pressure and strange environment? How can a foreign student find a job after graduation? In the process of applying for study in Japan,
we always encounter such problems,
ask friends around or search online,
there is no definite answer.
No one can accompany you around for you to answer all the doubts help you to dream of the world as a popular science article,
here are listed in Japan from the preparation to the whole process for hope to help you.
Learning applications for January / April / July / October,
which quarter is suitable for admission? Which of the Japanese high schools / divisions / college

2 year old girl kepo head but this injury is actually the drug

he 54 youth day,
I wish you a happy holiday! Petty bourgeoisie sister want to say,
since the youth day has arrived,
will the college entrance examination be far behind? Recently,
there are two girls in high school,
near the entrance pressure,
since the pressure it is how to reduce stress,
is a very important issue,
so they decided to go crazy.
they play the word horse in the next track!! Play a horse next to the track.
You're crazy,
but you're crazy and almost mad at the train and the staff!!! The college entrance examination is approaching,
the children still want other ways to reduce pressure,
after all,
safety first! Speaking of security,
south of Xi'an,
Chen recently encountered a very heart stopper,
his two year old daughter to play at home,
hit his head on the corner o

How many cities captured by the Putian Department of anger brush 10 million PV terrorist inquiry class H5 what else?

of Wei Zexi,
public opinion continued raging,
Baidu PPC advertising and the Department of Putian hospital to become universally condemned.
Human life,
Baidu and someone's hospital is not to forgive sin.
It is rare that the media have not been controlled by propaganda,
as they have for the most part in the past.
In order to promote the event they relay,
thermal expansion bellows.
Among them,
the performance of social media side is eye-catching.
Phoenix New Media launched at least 500 Putian department hospital,
captured 115 cities,
check your home? H5,
led the brush Bang circle of friends.
According to two-dimensional code recognition access H5 from the page structure and user interaction,
this work does not have a H5 complex and special novelty,
but for the first time to focus,

Now the primary composition to guards really I was a staff system

rimary school,
is the number one iron shoulders moral three bar wearing a red scarf in the arms,
the flag respect teachers do not leave early,
at the age of eight the young pioneers unite students not Zaolian,
back to the teacher when the eye is the flowers of the motherland,
is the sun at eight or nine when I grow up to understand Jiangshan generation of talented people,
all kinds of loading force for hundreds of years now the primary,
is completely true when I was drawing,
drawing milk clothes (naive) a modern elementary school for the (Kai) (CHE) selected the amount of information the six words you meow micro novel influence male sublime words with deep meaning.
Female silent tears amounting to two realism masterpiece is the most realistic of the teacher so crazy students nationwide

What kind of woman do men want to spend?

eply was: Li,
Xiao Yi,
am I narrow-minded? Sister Xiao Yi,
I know a girl.
She is my colleague,
we all work abroad and live together.
The girl always has a lot of boyfriends,
the hills across the sea also did not affect her exotic fascination of the moment.
She's not pretty,
but she has a great mouth.
When I am busy with work when learning a language can be heard in her boyfriend with a phone,
each partner is the same routine,
to test the other family conditions to ask to buy their own things and came in the mail.
If you get something,
you can kiss someone in three days.
She once had a deep meaning in her eyes.
She told me,
in my life,
I won't buy anything for men,
neither do I want a pair of socks.
! However the man she can do the drama.
This routine is tested.
To tell the truth,

Heroes - fun ball Ma and AC Milan have such a secret

fun ball by football sincerity produced,
is the first domestic football scene short video.
Through humorous funny way,
alternative analysis of Chinese football,
in the enjoyment of intense competition,
with you to experience the football culture of another landscape.
The pilot during the weekly update,
please pay attention! Author Yang Yang | heroes from different perspectives heroes take you to see the football Chinese! Unconsciously,
the super has become one of the world's most burning League,
when those can only look up to the big stars,
big coaches are slowly becoming our comrade in arms.
Although the super capital investment has been far away from Japan and South Korea League several blocks,
but the team's tyrant bosses still seem to have no intention of stopping.
Is Messi coming t

The poison lip of mildew is good, if you want poison, too...

e Apple Music ad dropped a big somersault,
paid attention to the mildew,
and in Apple sponsored Met Gala played a future female fighters.
All over the body metal texture,
plus a black purple lips,
the same limelight.
These poison lips female fighters are female stars change,
perhaps with Apple sponsorship,
this year's Met Gala naturally be crowned with science and technology theme.
Actress's essay writing,
but also coincidentally crash.
Metal sense + cool feeling makeup of future female warrior has become the choice of many actress shape.
Your mold is the most typical representative of Oh! Painted with black purple poison lip blonde Taylor a bright color,
especially in black and yellow with red color,
cool not close to two meters.
If at any time you pulled out from behind two gun B

Why did LinkedIn create an enemy for himself in China?

hinese looks more like a startup business side of his brutal,
but also really attractive enough for most of the world-renowned Internet Co,
Chinese market is worth teasing the little girl,
but they have the right way,
can see the rapid rise of China local Internet Co,
killing himself in,
can stay out,
or a little.
Google exit,
Amazon forced by the local electricity supplier,
Facebook's vision.
These companies generally for having heard it many times as a China Internet Corporation imitate and inspirational worship of gods and demons,
but they themselves are difficult to accomplish something in the market Chinese.
Even though the Chinese mainland Internet Co lacked a pattern of innovation,
they had no no evil stick to it,
but they were more suited to the soil and water,
and the peopl

[QampampA] I ask you about the Cadillac Cup tournament we have those things

ay 2nd,
we notice the Cadillac Cup tournament,
we will pull the curtain,
the registration box is filled with numerous blood man football forecast information.
(read the blue word hot,
not in France in June? ] then in Shanghai,
to participate in the Cadillac cup,
our European Championship !) Of course,
many friends also don't understand the details of this competition,
and they have sent letters and inquiries.
we use Q&amp and A to answer the core questions of this competition.
Q&amp: A Q1: what's our European Championship like? A1: our European Championship is an amateur football tournament hosted by the Shanghai Sports Bureau and the five star sports federation.
The match will be synchronized with euro 2016,
and also has 24 regular teams.
The series will be in full agreement w

Do not look at regret, Thailand seven day tour 1650 yuan

ao Tai fun * paya pearl: tour the Chao Phraya River,
enjoy the charming night - Bangkok Oriental Venice City,
and the taste of Mei Nanxing dinner; * tropical fruit garden: the taste of fresh tropical fruit,
let your stomach; * + free Sands Island Island,
two island wins; 2,
tasty Thai * the starlight meal * sands Island seafood meal *KING POWER *86 layer BaiyokeSkyHotel Rotary International Buffet buffet 3,
Thai comfort *60 minutes of authentic Thai massage! *60 minutes of authentic Thai essential oils SPA,
Thailand enjoy * six nights local Thai five-star hotel accommodation.
Thailand rest assured: the whole process without any form of forced shopping,
to ensure health at their own expense 600 yuan / person,
so that you enjoy the whole journey! Itinerary Day1: Harbin - Shanghai - Bangko

Sign up and dream Cui cattle enterprise ampamp spectacular global innovation contest enjoy million bonus

on NTS spring May,
Cui Niu will also for the 2B field of the vast number of butter people,
brought benefits! This does not,
the global enterprise innovation contest jointly hosted by Cui in cattle shortly before and the spectacular wanglian (GIA) 2016 enterprise service special race officially kicked off.
(sign up for WeChat and address below),
it is said that participating in this competition will have the opportunity to get: 1,
the project received the attention of global capital.
2 、 rich project bonus.
This spectacular global innovation award set the highest prize bonus of  million 500 thousand,
specifications: spectacular Allianz Group network exclusive support cash bonuses; 5 million,
Sheng Jingmu fund platform award special promised bonuses: 150 million U.
to partic

Each child put love into action to mother's Day gift

the rice in the rice cooker,
vegetables in the refrigerator,
I remember eating hot.
I love.
Love to eat anything,
as long as you can buy it,
mother will do it for you.
I love you.
But I always say no.
Even if you do,
you might say,
is it short of money? Don't save too much.
It'll cost you,
Here you are.
On this mother's day,
turn the love you're ashamed of into action.
Let mommy know that I love you not because you cook well,
but because you're generous to give the best things to me,
just because you're my mother and I love you.
Details: in A4 paper to write the blessings of mother + mother I love you,
and take a picture of Slide Show Fiona Crawford green Tmall official flagship store and blessing,
five Slide Show upload a photo

What's the most angry thing about playing basketball?

opular basketball teaching platform in China's first micro basketball journal.
What is the most angry thing about hitting basketball skills and playing basketball? A very vivid answer,
brain smiling urine.
-END- graphics / skills,
WeChat and QQ/ 2638592508 have the opportunity to get a nice basketball spree

Activities 2016 China Study Forum and the twenty-first China International Education Tour Exhibition will be opened soon

International Education Tour Exhibition (CIEET) is one of the largest exhibitions in china.
Since its first exhibition in 1999,
it has successfully held 20 exhibitions in more than 30 large and medium-sized cities in the country.
More than 1300 educational institutions from more than 30 countries and regions have participated in it.
In the past 17 years,
the scale of the exhibition,
the number of exhibitors and social influence continued to grow.
At present,
CIEET has won strong support from the vast majority of embassies and consulates in China and foreign educational institutions,
and has maintained good cooperative relations with all the mainstream media in the education sector.
In particular,
during the exhibition,
the organizers will also hold China Study Abroad Forum and many speci

If you think Putian is recommended two tours niubable hospital only you are too naive

of the Putian Gang is beyond your imagination.
The Putian hospital has become nationally famous in recent scandals.
But few people know that in Putian local,
composed of naming of Gang,
a rough estimate is five: Dongzhuang medical help,
Zhongmen timber help,
north to help jewelry,
fake Anfu uppers,
help the South gate.
the medical field is only a faction of the great forces in Putian.
An upper false let all the world's poor in the world famous brand! Yes,
you are right.
Putian people not only contract 70% of the hospitals,
but also make half of the world's fake shoes.
Footwear industry in Putian has more than 30 years of history,
producing 1 billion pairs of fake shoes every year,
every three pairs of Nike shoes in the world,
it is said that there is a high imitation shoes i

When you take a bath, don't rub it hard

n't just about blowing out the shower.
It's so simple.
Because of lack of common sense or making some careless little mistakes,
not only can they not be washed out,
but they may also affect their health.
Figure 1 clean,
hard rubbing cuticle,
skin surface lipid films constitute a barrier layer of the skin,
not only can protect the body from external damage,
but also can prevent nutrients in vivo especially moisture loss.
Try to use Cuozao towel rub will destroy this layer of protective film.
If washed with fingers rub skin can hear squeaking sound,
that wash over.
Recommended to wash themselves,
rather than save wash,
use soft sponge bath scrub gently,
can only use Cuozao towel in the elbows and knees,
cuticle thick parts.
take a bath before going to bed,
hot water will make the bo

Bad breath, yellow teeth, rough skin, three minutes

use: bad breath,
research shows that yogurt in live bacteria can inhibit the mouth caused bad breath bacteria growth.
The beneficial bacteria in yogurt can crowd out bacteria that cause halitosis and create a healthy environment for the mouth.
sugar use: burp swallow a teaspoon of dried sugar,
you can immediately stop hiccups.
Sugar has the effect of modifying the neuromuscular movement,
that is,
allowing the muscles in the diaphragm to undergo constant contractions that prevent hiccups from continuing.
But don't overdo it.
Sugar can make you addicted.
Eating too much is bad for your health.
apple use: tooth whitening,
chewing crisp fruit and vegetables,
with the same brush small role.
Their natural cleansing action removes plaque on the enamel.
In particular,
the mild malate found

Google Microsoft e-mail account massive theft of black market transactions less than

5 news (reporter Wang Jinbao) Alex Holden and chief information officer Hold Security,
an Internet security company (Alex Holden) said,
there are about 272 million 300 thousand stolen email and website username and password is in Russia on the black market trade,
stolen account in the local Russian e-mail service Mail.
ru account,
but also includes a large number of YAHOO,
Google Microsoft service account.
Holden said that in 272 million 300 thousand a stolen account,
YAHOO's e-mail service stolen account number 40 million,
accounting for 15% of the total in stolen than independent ID; the number of Microsoft services stolen account for 33 million,
accounting for 12%; the number of Gmail services stolen account for close to 24 million,
accounting for 9%.
Microsoft spokesman also confirm

You cheer the grass, the fashion beauty, the whole Amway

s the ode to joy? Only a small background has been fans of the message scraper! Fan Shengmei mouth red,
for the same paragraph backpack ditty recommended.
today we have to learn to play the three makeup either soft or adorable sister queen of the gas field can be found in the hearts of love.
Faction beauty makeup,
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No grievance work (depth:)

lic number: she is ID:tazaijianghupiao Author: dada order.
This article is authorized by the author.
The mind is grievance,
prop up big.
Living life,
destined to be a number of grievances,
in face of various grievances,
to cook,
to be detached at the same time,
it is more important to learn to transform potential energy.
a newly graduated kid asked me,
can you tell me what happened when I got into the job market? There is the transition from the campus to the professional mentality,
how to adjust? In addition,
when you start work,
the income is not high,
how to solve the problem of survival? At this moment,
I saw the circle of friends in a state of hair,
ten years later,
you look back at today's moment,
all that you have suffered,
it does not matter,
Then I

Mads Jobrani, a Iran American humor

ted States,
an immigrant from the Islamic countries in the end is how to laugh the old beauty? Let's have a look! Note: on Saturday,
anecdotal notice: deep text - war and harmony in the peninsula.
! Please look forward to it! Brain sharp: there is a kind of cloth is very long,
very wide,
very nice,
that is,
no one used it to make clothes,
it is impossible to make clothes,
why? Long press the following two-dimensional code,
click on identify the two-dimensional code,
pay attention to music fight community,
reply answer 37 you can know the answer to the question.

[audition] 70 thousand of the budget can buy SUV5 entry-level small SUV recommended

le for the car home original article,
author Meng Yuhao,
reprinted please specify,
welcome to forward to the circle of friends.
In the car,
the first choice of many consumers are SUV models,
although the reason is not the same,
some for a better ride and loading space,
some in order to better ground clearance,
but finally is pointing to the SUV models.
If the budget is not high,
can I choose SUV? Before me,
but SUV models in recent years more and more low threshold,
the price is falling.
Meng Zhilai to recommend several 70 thousand or so will be able to buy SUV models,
and is very suitable for young people that the budget is not high.
Models recommended: 2016 1.
5L manual luxury manufacturers guide price: RMB 75 thousand and 900 yuan recommend reason: BYD is a just listing the popula