3 minutes, memories of 30 childhood games to our lost youth

4 youth day,
and there is a picture on the social media.
According to the state regulations,
14 to 28 years old should be put off for half a day today! It must be said that this span is indeed a bit large.
If the age of the whole age is considered,
the young people from 1988 to 2002 should enjoy the treatment.
the country divided itself into 00 generations,
and it was a bit of a thrill! Although the country let us go on holiday,
but I believe that most 90 years young refuse to the young people's welfare,
if you look at the top of the film,
unable to restrain the emotions say the majority of the name of the game,
you can only congratulate you,
exposure age slightly.
The above video is the opening video of the Giant ant for the FITC 2016 technology conference,
with the theme LE

Female rogue special expression male gods are so be taken

gster special expression map,
quickly take to flirt with a small handsome boy ~ ~ this is called female rogue source: Network

23 lines will interpret out of context you how many years

w the true meaning of genius is 99% perspiration,
+1% inspiration? Are you there is no royal road to There is no end for learning.
suffering for the boat inspired to stay up late studying? Do you know that Confucius is against complaining by virtue? If you have been misled like a small book,
go ahead and have a long knowledge! 1,
as long as I close my eyes,
the world is not what cliff because of this sentence,
the British philosopher Bekele Chinese was used as he jokes,
as a representative of the western philosophy stupid school.
In fact,
as long as I close my eyes,
there is no cliff in the world.
But God can sense it.
at least,
is not an idiot.
there is no royal road to There is no end for learning.
suffering for the boat this sentence from Chuang-tzu's my life has

VR TV is here. You're on the screen

l reality),
I believe the moment no more popular technology,
you just hear the ears heard,
but also do not know what VR looks like? Feeling distance,
life is far away? Nonono,
now you can witness VR the magic here this afternoon,
the body TV super TV 2 conference held in Beijing,
the Jingdong appliance exclusive sale application of VR hot VR TV - Super TV 2-VR TV X storm version of x-men! The storm TV CEO Liu Yaoping and the Jingdong of home appliances division president Yan Xiaobing announced an exclusive channel cooperation with VR,
the layout of the whole industry chain China large VR content repository storm TV computing platform based on VR,
create a VR-TVOS system,
TV and VR will be the first significant interconnection.
Not only has 4K big screen panorama,
head show immersive,

Union Zhang Yu on women's health question and answer

Zhang Yu is presenting the second issue of women's health.
Patients: ectopic pregnancy,
open surgery,
how long after pregnancy,
need to pay attention to what? Ectopic pregnancy surgery performed in April 10th,
a cesarean section,
has been 4 years old.
Zhang Yu: ectopic pregnancy after surgery should be at what time,
postoperative follow-up examination,
by your surgeon according to your personal situation,
formulate plans for pregnant for you.
Generally speaking,
if it is only a simple surgical treatment,
whether it is to retain the fallopian tube fenestration,
embryo surgery,
or the removal of fallopian tube surgery,
3 months after the surgery,
the body recovered well,
you can consider getting pregnant again.
Some patients may assist in surgery or drug treatment,
conservative surgery

What would you do if a child wanted to become transgender?

you find around his son never boy playing in the play the game forever as long as when the mother,
and one day suddenly say to you: father (mother),
and I think the girls wear skirts.
What would you do? Do you really want to buy him a skirt or beat him up? In Britain,
a group of parents choose a special way of dealing with the child's gender anxiety.
In 2015,
a total of 167 British children under 10 were subjected to gender anxiety counseling under the leadership of their parents,
according to a report released by the National Institutes of Health (NHS) recently.
That's double the data from ten years ago.
The purpose of the treatment is not to treat these cognitive disorders as disordered children,
cure into so-called normal people.
psychologists engage in deep com

Skills, circle of friends every day, do not understand this function, do not say you will play WeChat

Andy vacation took a lot of photos,
want to pick some send to circle of friends! However,
as his repeated pictures were taken a lot,
he could not see which one to choose in the small window of the circle of friends! Andy: there are so many pictures and so small,
look at a ghost! Leo: at first glance,
you're not the one who often uses WeChat! Leo: now the iPhone album adds the direct share to the WeChat portal! You can slowly find the right photos from the album and send them! Enter the album,
choose a picture,
click the lower left corner of the share button,
you can see to share with WeChat! If you can't find this button,
select more and switch the WeChat on.
After clicking the button,
the effect is this! It can also be added directly to WeChat's collection or sent to a friend! Safari brow